Sunday, 28.05.2017 - Tuesday, 30.05.2017

Employment for Sustainable Economic Development, International Youth Conference

How to ensure that young people do not have to choose between a good quality work for themselves and a job that is contributing to a more sustainable economy and society as a whole?

Decent work, quality employment creation, social protection, worker’s rights and social dialogue represent integral elements of the new 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Clear understanding of the relationship between environmental sustainability and decent work, of good policy practices and effective mechanisms will be crucial for improving national policy and contributing to the international efforts towards achieving sustainable development. Including the voice of the young people in the decision making process for tomorrow is the key to this, as it is an effective way to encourage young people to become agents of positive change.

What does “quality employment” mean in the framework of sustainable economic development and more broadly the Sustainable Development Goals? What kind of quality jobs can ensure sustainable development, now and in the future? What is the role of young people in the future of work?

By bringing together experts and proactive members of youth organizations from all across Europe to discuss one of the main challenges faced by the young generations of today we try to encourage their proactive engagement in the development of the political process. For two days 50 young people from Bulgaria and more than 13 European countries explored the concept of “Quality employment” and its connection to sustainable development and the SDGs. Their views were summarized in a final document with a set of key recommendations addressing the relevant European institutions.

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Complete photo album “Sustainable Development: We Care!” on the FES Bulgaria Facebook page


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